Anarchist Black Cross Federation –   Caucus of Men Against Sexism (download PDF newsletter here)

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Citation: Anarchist Black Cross Federation, Caucus of Men Against Sexism. 2:1 (October 2001. Housed at the International Anarchist Black Cross archive (Los Angeles, CA)


Timeline of North American Anarchist Black Cross *w/out history of preceding organizations, i.e. Nightcrawler, Black anarchist involvement in the prison struggle, etc and so on…….
  1. 1979  | Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin issues a “Draft Proposal for an ABC Network”
  2. 1989 | Emergency Response Network (ERN) forms to respond to repression
  3. 1993 | Paterson chapter suffers repression
  4. 1994 | National ABC Conference established a formal ERN
  5. 1995 | ABC Federation conceived (NJ, Bronx, Washington DC, Brew City)
  6. 1996 | Jacksonville Chapter violently raided by police
  7. 1998-99 | Raze the Walls Network disbands (related)
  8. 1999 | LA Chapter approached at Griffith Park, simultaneously another chapter was approached by feds and asked questions about the Los Angeles members
  9. 2000 | Jacksonville harassed by state for “hiding” Onipedo…. (return to this point)
  10. 2003 | Break the Chains conference is held in Oregon in Oregon

*Matt Hart, “Political History of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation,” cited from author’s notes.

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