~ Ch. 1 “This article was first written at the request of the New Afrikan Peoples Organization (NAPO). Its original title was ‘The Rise and Development of the New Afrikan Liberation Struggle Behind the Walls.'” https://t.co/5jeHRrq20d

~ Ch. 9 Dr. Mutulu Shakur, et al. “Genocide Wage Against the Black nation through Behavior Modification/Orchesterated by Counterinsurgency and Low Intensity Warfare in the U.S. Penal System” https://t.co/DujPg0CyM0

~ Ch. 20 Jill , Esq “Conditions of Confinement-Cruel and Unusual Punishment” https://t.co/SHzxcd8HTn

 ~ Ch. 26 George Jackson & Karen Wald “In the Tradition”


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